Chocolate Chip Cookie 50k Trail Run

October 26, 2019
8:00 am

Beautiful Trail

Trail Briefing


  1. The Large Cookie first loop is 21.87 miles (primarily TR #25, except the 0.25 gravel road start).

  2. During the first loop, there are 2 times when you will not be on Trail 25: (1) the first time will be about a quarter mile before the Carlson Road Aid Station, which will be well marked; and (2) go straight on Trail 100 1.5 miles before the equestrian area aid station.

  3. During the Small Cookie second loop, you will be on Trail 25 and then take the Trail 10 bypass.  That intersection will be clearly marked with ribbon.  You will return to Trail 25, then at mile 29.5 you will go straight again on Trail 100 (repeating what you did the first loop).

  4. As mentioned, the course will be well-marked with orange ribbon. Stay on trail. No course cutting.

  5. Bib numbers must be visible for aid station and finish line volunteers.

  6. Do not cross the suspension bridge to complete the run.  Trail 25 does not go across the bridge. This intersection will be well marked.  However, if you would like to see some awesome views, do take the extra time if you like.

  7. There are 6 road crossings (low traffic areas). These have no traffic control so look both ways! Follow the ribbon.

  8. There are rest rooms at the Start, Carlson Rd Aid Station (mile 10.49), and Equestrian Area (mile 21.87 and Finish).

  9. Start will be at the lower parking lot - campground.

  10. Finish will be at the upper parking lot - equestrian arena.

  11. There will be a 7 hour, 3:00 pm cutoff to complete the Large Cookie. If runners choose to proceed to the finish, they will need to increase their speed to finish the Small Cookie by 5:30 pm.

  12. After mile post #4, ignore the miles indicated on the posts. They are based on the old course.

  13. After the Mile 22 aid station, runners should cross the parking lot and get on Trail 25. Do not go back down the gravel road to the start.

  14. No dogs with runners.

  15. No pacers.

  16. Runners must be aware and follow the rules of the park.

  17. All vehicles parking within Riverside State Park are required to have a Discover or Day Pass.  This includes the S/F and Carlson Road Aid Station.

  18. Trail hours:  Dawn to dusk, year round.

  19. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

  20. Do not block off any section of the trail since it is open to all users every day of the year.

  21. Please be respectful of other trail users. Trail 25, Trail 10, and Trail 100 are multi-use trails, including hikers, trail bikers, and equestrian in addition to runners.

  22. Always keep to the right.  Pass on the left, and yield to faster moving runners.  Signal to slower moving runners/trail users when approaching.

  23. Horses have the right of way on soft trail. 

  24. All trail users must remain on designated trails.

  25. Crew member animals must be on leash at all times.  Picking up after dogs is mandatory.

  26. Do not disturb plants or animals.

  27. Bring your cell phone if you like.  There is reception!  Call 911 for emergencies.

  28. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

  29. Leave No Trace.  If you packed it in, you pack it out.  At least until you get to a garbage receptacle.

  30. This trail briefing will be updated periodically.

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